The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Spartan MIND host Dr. L says: We tend to store up emotions in our body. These can be of any kind, the more painful ones like irritation, anger, sadness, or shame, or the more joyous ones like excitement, pride, and happiness. Although talking about feelings can certainly be useful, sometimes we need alternative forms of emotional expression so that we can release our feelings and the energy that goes with it. When we utilize different forms of release we make ourselves more available to other experiences and feelings that could bring us wisdom and joy.

Give yourself various avenues of emotional expression such as physical release, like a Spartan race, or creative release, like artwork or making something with your hands.
Talk therapy is great but sometimes we need different outlets that can give us a vehicle to let go of certain feelings.
Take note of when you might need some emotional release - feeling overwhelmed is normally a good sign.

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