The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

If you could be any superhero who would you be? Todd Herman is a mental performance coach that utilizes the strategies inherent with embodying an alter ego to be successful as an athlete on the field or as an executive in the boardroom. Find out what role identity, clothing and mental preparedness can play in your success. Imagination is a powerful tool that can be practiced and honed to overcome perceived limitations and obstacles you never thought that “you” could overcome.

Mastering the self is our greatest challenge
Preparation, routine, planning, relaxation & breathing skills are keys to success
Seek mentors & apprenticeships
Move forward & level up
Alter Ego means a trusted friend or ally
Utilize your imagination to reach your goals
Act with intention

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0:00 Spartan Up panel with guest Lonnie Mayne discusses SpartanX
1:30 Interview begins with Todd Herma & Joe De Sena
2:30 Coaches role in pushing you to your personal best
3:45 Mastering the self
4:45 Childhood trauma and its effects on his life
5:45 Mental game strategies and alter egos
7:15 Preparation, routine and planning
8:15 Mentorship & apprenticeship
10:00 Getting into flow state & a cold call
13:30 Interview continues
14:20 Moving forward & leveling up
16:00 creating a “shield” around the athlete before a game
18:00 quickly shifting mental paradigms
19:00 Utilizing “Alter Egos’”
21:00 The power of imagination
23:00 Finding superhero qualities that inspire you
25:50 In-clothed cognition
31:00 What attributes do you take with you in competition?
32:45 The panel Sefra Alexandra, Col. Nye, Johnny Waite & guest Lonnie Mayne discusses how to integrate alter egos into your practice

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Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.
Hosts: Joe De Sena, Sefra Alexandra, Col. Nye, Johnny Waite & guest Lonnie Mayne
Synopsis – Sefra Alexandra
Production Assistant - Andrea Hagarty

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