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Anger is one of those emotions that few like to acknowledge and even fewer like to talk about. Either way, however, avoiding anger doesn’t mean that it goes away. In fact, the more you understand your anger the more likely you are to manage your responses appropriately and not be overcome by expression. It’s important to remember that anger is a normal emotion and, although it may be uncomfortable, it is neutral in nature. We also all experience and feel anger at various points in our life - denying your anger usually only makes it grow and become less easy to manage.

Anger is a part of being human. Recognizing and understanding your anger gives you an opportunity to manage this feeling more appropriately.
Use the right language when you are describing how you feel. It’s okay to say, “I’m angry.” You don’t have to water it down by using language like frustrated or annoyed.
Give yourself permission to stop, pull back, take perspective, observe, and then choose the next right move for you when you are angry.

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