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A long time ago a friend of mine and mentor told me that he kept specific books on his work desk, just so he could see the title. He told me how the title of the book alone would fire him up to do work, to set bigger goals and to get after it.

I remember a book that did it for me was Jump In!: Even If You Don't Know How to Swim by Mark Burnett

Here and there I would flip open the book to a random page and read a page or two. The stories inspired me to think bigger and go bigger. THESE are the types of books you need on your desk!


Leverage your time. Sometimes just seeing the Title of a powerful book will spur you into action!
Put 3 books on your desk that will inspire you to take action.
Every day, flip open these books and read a page or two. You’ll often find stories and information that drives you to greater heights.

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