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Anxiety can plague many of us. That habitual and pervasive worry can not only become intrusive but also leave us feeling debilitated if not managed well. There are a few ways to reduce your anxiety and practicing them regularly can leave you feeling more in control of your worry and less vulnerable to it’s impact on your day. These various tactics are not only simple in their accessibility but also easy to understand and apply.



  • Anxiety is a habitual and pervasive state of worry that can impact your daily functioning.
  • Working to manage your anxiety and practicing anxiety-reducing skills can help you feel more in control when feelings of worry arise.
  • Try these tactics to reduce your anxiety:
    1. Breathe - the power of a steady breath is crucial when working through anxiety.
    2. Ground yourself - place your feet flat on the floor if you are sitting, and feel the weight of your body push into the floor.
    3. Name your experience - differentiate between being excited and being anxious.


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