Spartan Up! - A Spartan Race for the Mind!

Trauma care is a creative process for Dr, Jeffrey Upperman. He mentors young surgeons by throwing them in a room together with very little to work with  and let their ingenuity and communication skills come to the fore to solve a problem under duress. He points out that these skills are becoming a lost art in the age of texting and tweeting but they are no less vital in forming a successful person. Upperman in his years as a general surgeon took cues from his father, a man who prided himself in working with his hands, and stresses the importance of upbringing, yet acknowledges that the whole community bears responsibility for nurturing a success.  


    1.    Creativity is key in emergencies, and it can be learned.
    2.    We are all responsible to hold each other accountable.
    3.    We need rites of passage to learn to cope under duress.

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