Spartan Up! - A Spartan Race for the Mind!

Mortgage officer and part of a Vermont family maple sugaring business, Ray Morvan found extreme multi day racing at random, after a battle with alcohol and opiate addiction. By helping him find community and a way to exert and build mental resilience it’s exactly what the doctor ordered . He  went on to compete in nine Peak Death Races which is almost certainly a record. We spoke with him at the Spartan Winter Agoge. Morvan credits stoicism for getting through life challenges that would break a lesser man. He is now championing  the issue of addiction by assisting anyone who is willing to reach out to him. Morvan’s phone line is open.


    1.    Figure it out. There’s always a way.
    2.    Simply put yourself out there, everyday, and have faith that it will get better.
    3.    In addition to PTSD think about PTSG - Post Traumatic Growth.

Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.
Hosts: Joe De Sena with Johnny Waite, Sefra Alexandra, Col. Tim Nye, Dr. Delle & David Deluca
Synopsis – Matt Baatz
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