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Ed Mylett is one of the fifty wealthiest individuals under fifty - what has been his strategy? In this episode, Joe De Sena challenges you to find the two essential elements.  In Ed’d life he first found his catalyst, what motivates him. Mylett’s mantra became “Bella’s Wedding.” After a doctor gave him advice, he used that as his way to navigate decisions - will this help or hurt my ability to walk my daughter down the aisle? It’s the process and the pursuit of his goals that truly gives him joy. Winning is actually an art form. This episode will reframe how you view success and make you realize you are always able to do one more! 

1. Find your catalyst aka “Bella’s Wedding” 

2. Understand leverage

3. Learn linking & anchoring 

4. The joy is in the pursuit 

5. Help others

6. Winning is an art form 

7. TRUST the process

8. Don’t avoid pain 

9. Find passion 

10. Feed your identity 

11. Believe that you deserve what you want 

12. Self confidence is keeping promises to yourself 

13. Always do one more 

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1:00 Joe tells us what we are going to learn today
2:30 Interview begins with Ed & his fitness regime 
4:00 Conversations around testosterone 
6:30 A wakeup call around health: “Bella’s Wedding” 
9:00 Pleasure versus pain 
10:00 Finding leverage & the Spartan Paradox 
12:00 The joy of pursuing goals 
14:00 Redifining crazy 
15:45 Most important thing is to help others 
17:30 Mentoring at an orphanage
19:30 How do you demonstrate what success looks like? 
24:00 Winning as an art form 
27:30 Always more to give 
30:00 Missionary work 
32:00 Tips for those who have to much comfort 
33:00 Tips for those who have to “fight for milk”
36:30 Believe that you deserve what you want 
38:30 Always do one more 
39:30 What Joe got from this interview 

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