The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

How much trash do you create? Professor Joshua Spodek tells Joe De Sena he had been eating packaged food with every meal of his life. One day he decided to take responsibility for his own mess. With every meal, everything we buy from stores, everything we order- we throw something away, and every item of waste you have ever “gotten rid of” still exists in some form, somewhere. Spodek calls Joe De Sena out on his own consumption - and Joe responds. Spodek, a leadership professor at NYU, has embarked on a journey to lighten his impact on the planet by creating as minimal garbage as possible. It has meant, among other things, that at the supermarket he is buying whole fruits and vegetables because everything else has packaging. The added benefit - a more healthy diet. Take responsibility for how you are participating and contributing. Are you a steward of the land and of your community? Can you implement simple tactics to improve your impact? Spartan’s, we all need to take ownership and initiative around our actions. What will you do today?! 


  1. Be where you can effect the most change 
  2. Be a steward of the land 
  3. Be around a community that challenges you 
  4. Be resourceful and efficient to fulfill your needs 
  5. Be mindful of how much trash you create 
  6. Learn to reduce your impact on the earth 
  7. Purchase things without packaging 
  8. Adapt your tastebuds to what’s healthy and local 
  9. Be motivated by internal factors 
  10. Be an initiator 
  11. Be better & just do !


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His TEDx page:

Joe De Sena on Spodek’s podcast


Book: Initiative :



0:00 intro to unpackaging and new podcasts 

2:00 intro 

2:30 Living in nature and edible forests 

4:00 Being a steward of the land 

5:00 Transforming kids 

7:00 Challenging students at NYU 

8:15 Things we can do to be more efficient 

10:00 The need to reduce garbage 

12:30 break

14:00 Shop.Spartan.Com Be Unbreakable! (Special offer through July 25th)

16:00 Communities strategies on waste 

18:00 Figuring out how to reduce how much trash you make 

19:30 What can you buy that has no packaging?

21:00 Foraging in the city 

22:00 Changing your taste buds

24:00 Walking your talk 

25:30 Empowering people to figure it out for themselves 

27:15 The meaning of competition 

28:30 The rules of engagement with the environment

29:30 Developing skills of an initiator  

31:00 Exhausting passing fancies & ideas of a lifetime 

32:30 Starting with the emotion 

33:10 Why Joe feels uncomfortable 

36:00 Just doing & taking ownership of your life 

37:10 close 


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Hosts: Joe De Sena 

Sefra Alexandra, Johnny Waite & Colonel Nye are farming/ not buying plastic ;) 

Synopsis – Sefra Alexandra | Seed Huntress

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