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Jen Welter became the first female coach in the NFL. How do you achieve a goal when there is no roadmap? A commitment to greatness in each moment. “ if we can change football, we can change the world.” says Dr. Jen Welter.  She never listened to the doubts of others and at 5’ 2” went toe-to-toe on the field and got up after every tackle. She broke the glass for female athletes in this sport and as she said - breaking glass is contagious. Earning a Masters in Sports Psychology and PhD in Psychology, she has pioneered communications strategies that has her players leaning-in. Hips, wrap & drop the mic on this awesome episode.  



  1. Hips, wrap & drop 
  2. Step up to every challenge that is put in your way 
  3. Believe in yourself- it keeps you going 
  4. Don’t let dollars define you 
  5. Don’t listen to what others tell you you shouldn’t/ couldn’t do 
  6. When you're tackled in life- get back up! 
  7. Commit to being great in every moment 
  8. Diversity is strength: pure muscle to pure hustle 
  9. Unify your vision & goals
  10. Communication is a choice: lean-in 
  11. Own who you are- love your brand of crazy


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0:00 Joe De Sena introduces this week’s episode about carving your own path 

1:15 Interview begins with Dr. Jen Welter- 1st female NFL coach

3:00 Learning her fathers mentality of how to face fear- playing rugby 

4:30 Hips, wrap & drop

6:00 Playing pro football for 15 years- stepping up to the challenge 

7:00 The strong belief that keeps you going- not letting dollars define you 

8:00 There’s no game a women cannot play 

9:00 People will always think an undefined path is crazy 

10:00 Going head to head with the males in training camp- shifting her destiny 

11:00 What you learn from getting tackled- scratching to get back up 

12:45 Catching the former Dallas Cowboys coaches attention

13:45 Learning about herself & being offered a coaching job  

14:35 Being drop-kicked to success 

16:00 Contacting the Cardinals & getting invited to OTAs 

18:00 SpartanX Leadership break 

18:30 Interview continues with committing to being great in every moment 

19:45 Diversity is strength- pure muscle to pure hustle 

23:00 Learning to communicate in a different way: lean-in 

24:00 Own who you are

25:30 Loving your brand of crazy 

26:50 Joe recaps this awesome interview & how to fill in the gaps 


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Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.

Host: Joe De Sena 

The Colonel, Dr. Johnny Waite & Sefra Alexandra are off at spring training 

Synopsis – Sefra Alexandra | Seed Huntress 

Production Assistant - Andrea Hagarty


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