The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Perfection is a wonderful ideal. But when we take it out of balance it can stagnate efforts and become an impediment to the essential action of ‘start’.

If we keep in mind that the ideation and planning phases that are only equal parts to the phases of rehearsal, execution, follow up, assessment, redesign & reiteration we might allow ourselves to just build momentum by getting started. You will spend more time stuck in trying to design perfect than you will by executing and staying invested in learning and redesigning on your path to achievement.

How many times have we started something only to realize that all the anxiety in preparation over trying to get it just right was wasted because through action we’ve found a better appreciation of a standard we thought we originally had?

What we aren’t saying is to be reckless, that planning isn’t purposeful, or we should leap twice then think once.

Go for it, forgive yourself so long as you are invested in assessment & refinement
80% now & aggressive beats 100% too late every single time.
The better part of perfection is found in the commitment to learn and adapt.
The perfect plan never survives 1st contact.

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