The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Joe De Sena sits down with a young entrepreneur Lukas Pakter, the founder of the SquidHaus fitness apparel company, to discuss sensitive global issues with nuance, as well as Lucas' unconventional path to building his booming athletic apparel brand.
Lucas shares his viral strategy of leveraging an "influential army" of top fitness creators to take over the scene. He plans to sell thousands of discounted tickets to Joe's Spartan Race using influencer codes, donating over $1M to charity in the process. Joe gives the plan his stamp of approval.
Viewers will learn Lucas's unique brand story, top tips for starting young, and lessons on accountability from these experienced leaders. With open discussion on controversy and actionable advice, this episode is a must-watch for anyone pursuing a business or looking to better understand complex issues.
00:00 Joe’s “controversial” post on IG
02:34 The conversation has to happen
04:06 We shy away from having a stance
05:59 What does SquidHaus mean and represent?
08:06 Finding a job vs. starting a company
10:04 Leveraging business through Spartan Race
14:34 How to start a business?
16:44 Three things every entrepreneur should do every day
19:55 Three books everybody needs to read
21:57 How to find Lukas Pakter?

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