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When he was just 8 years of age, his friend accidentally lit him on fire. The impact was severe. Undergoing decades of surgeries to treat the 65% of his body now covered in scars, Shay is a true Phoenix. His inner spirit, and his joyful charm, have been forged like steel through fire. In spite of constant pain he became an undefeated boxer, an Ironman and multiple time World Champion athlete, and in Tahoe a Spartan. As he says, obstacles are merely opportunities in disguise, face everything in life with tenacity and perseverance… and most of all HUMOR!

Stay tuned at the end to hear Joe De Sena (Spartan founder and CEO) and Johnny Waite talk about what they learned from Shay and how you can integrate those lessons into your life.


Humor is powerful medicine- don’t take yourself so seriously
When your comfortable with you who are, those around you will be as well
People gravitate to inner strength
Have fun with the challenges you face
Be memorable
It’s all about tenacity & perseverance
Competition vs. athleticism
Don’t take your gifts for granted
Obstacles are opportunities
Find your “why”
Enjoy joyful suffering
Don’t be a victim
Never quit


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0:00 Johnny & Joe introduce Shay Eskew
2:20 Interview Sefra & Shay begins with getting set on fire
3:15 Shriners Hospital comes to the rescue!
4:00 Loving to compete
5:35 The emotional journey
7:00 Leading life with humor
8:30 being comfortable with who you are
9:30 turning fear into fun
11:00 being memorable
13:20 Interview continues with thermoregulation
14:30 Tenacity & perseverance
16:00 Competition vs athleticism in Ironman’s
18:00 A lifetime of care at Shriners Children’s Hospital dealing with burns
21:00 Don’t take for granted the gifts you have
23:00 Tough love works - obstacles as opportunities
24:00 “What the Fire Ignited”
26:00 Three takeaway lessons
28:40 The joy suffering
29:45 Lose the victim mentality - never quit
30:45 Joe & Dr. Johnny discuss Shay’s awesome perspective

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Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.
Hosts: Joe De Sena, Sefra Alexandra & Dr. Johnny Waite
Col. Nye is off in a secret location
Synopsis – Sefra Alexandra | Seed Huntress
Production Assistant - Andrea Hagarty

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