The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Hans Florine says, “That's what climbing is, is doing something that you couldn't previously do, whether it was last week or seconds ago. And so there's immediate reward in climbing for, 'Hey there's a problem in front of you, and it's just a problem.' And that's what life is. And we do something, change our body position, get another tool, and we move forward and we get past it.”

Today, Yancy and Jarod talk with Hans about reaching for goals you can’t accomplish yet, and how having fun means you're at your best. Today, you’ll learn about:

The people having the most fun are the best climbers
Go out and find things to do and challenge yourself, because you can
Finding something you can’t do, but want to do, and working and learning until you accomplish it

Hans Florine is a speed climber, professional speaker, author and thought leader in speed and efficiency. Hans has repeatedly set and broken one of the most coveted speed records in the world: The Nose of El Capitan, a 2,900-foot monolith in Yosemite Valley.

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