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“The addict part of me is the best part of me,” says Charlie Engle, ultrarunning legend.  Charlie speaks to how ultrarunning provided an outlet to channel his inner-addiction.


SpartanUp Endurance Series host Johnny Waite talks with Charlie about sobriety and fellowship, and how ultrarunning ties the two together. In this episode you’ll learn: 


-Why Charlie feels that his ‘addict part’ is the best part

-How to run the addiction out of yourself

-Two big lessons when working with a team 

-Why fellowship is the tried and true way to get through struggle

-The one reason Charlie enters a 100-mile race

-What happens to us isn’t as important as what we do about it

-How to share without expectation of receiving

-How to maintain sobriety


Connect with Charlie


-Instagram: @CharlieEngle



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