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Ben Friberg, extreme endurance paddler talks with Johnny Waite, of Spartan Up Podcast, about how to prepare for the really big, self-supported, expedition-style adventures where you will be truly on your own. An example is Ben's dream crossing - the Bering Strait from Siberia to Alaska, alone on a stand-up paddleboard. Ben Stresses the importance of preparation - doing your research, knowing your gear and your body, and considering how to handle absolute worst-case scenarios, including injuries. He reminds us that when you have enough moving parts to a plan, you have to know that something is going to go wrong! JOhnny'ss favorite part is when Ben talks about the potential beauty of a Painted Corner (when you get yourself in a situation where you have eliminated all other options) and the spiritual epiphany that led to him composing a song by that title.


#1 - How Ben uncovers every stone (e.g., analyzing weather patterns, talking to locals, reading books on the terrain he’s going to traverse) to prepare for a self-supported paddle expedition


#2 - How navigating class-5 rapids equipped Ben for a career in self-supported adventures


#3 - Why crossing the Bering Strait is Ben’s “white whale” of self-supported paddle expeditions.



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