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We have a lot of power and control to change our own trajectories. We can pivot at any moment though we often get stuck in certain thinking patterns that become barriers to us shifting direction. One of these thinking patterns is something called all-or-nothing thinking. It is a tendency to think in extremes - I’m either all in, or all out. The problem with this type of thinking is that if you start walking down one path you can feel stuck on that path because your mindset makes you believe there is no turning back. Shifting out of all-or-nothing thinking by reminding yourself that you can pivot at any point is a useful tool and it can help you change course with greater ease.



  • There are points of pivot available to you at any moment. You just have to be open.

  • All-or-nothing thinking is a pattern of thinking in extremes - All in, or All out.

  • Identifying all-or-nothing thinking can help you acknowledge that you have greater control to shift direction.

  • Remind yourself that points of pivot are everywhere. One step off course does not mean you have to keep headed down that path.


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