The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Pain is easy to forget, says Louise Kobin, 4x La Ruta race winner.  In this episode, our first in the La Ruta series, Louise and Spartan Up La Ruta series host Roy Wallach introduce you to the 3-day, cross-country mountain bike race known as La Ruta.  In this episode, you’ll learn about Louise’s first La Ruta race, specifically...


-A deep dive of the 3-day race and the challenges presented throughout

-Lousie’s mindset after she fell behind by 20 minutes on day two, yet still managed to pull-out a victory

-How every rider falls off the bike a few times during the race, and how to persevere across the jungles of Costa Rica

-How to view fear in the physical sense (i.e., crashing down a hill) and emotionally (i.e., fear of getting tired)


Please enjoy!



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