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Insecurities are just obstacles. Painful, yes. Unfortunate, indeed. Debilitating? Don’t have to be.
An insecurity doesn’t have to be a barrier to the things that you want but if you don’t use the right tools and focus on overcoming your insecurities they can absolutely become 10 foot walls that are difficult to get over. It’s important to be active in challenging your insecurities through various actions that can work to eventually overcome them.

We all have insecurities but we need to be intentional around how we address and work through them so that they don’t become barriers to the things that we want in life.
Try the following tactics to help you overcome your insecurities:
Say THANK YOU. Don’t provide disclaimers or discount the positive feedback someone sends your way. Say THANK YOU and receive.
Challenge your insecurities with positive affirmations. Integrate positive affirmations or uplifting mantras to help challenge what’s bringing you down.
Focus first on the good things. Try to look at what went well first so that your insecurities don’t have a head start.
Shift perspective on your experience. Try to use a different lens to help you move away from always noticing the insecurity or letting that lead the way.

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