The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Craig Levinson has overcome countless obstacles on his journey from South Africa to Silicon Valley. After immigrating as a teen, he chased his basketball dreams in the US only to have a devastating injury end his career. But he refused to quit, pivoting to build supplement brands and manage inspirational clients.
Through it all, 3 principles have guided him: accountability, consistency, and self-care. In this episode, Craig shares gripping tales of his moves across the world, business failures, and backstage encounters that led him to create a very sought-after agency. His story is an inspiration for anyone willing to keep chasing their dreams against all odds.

00:00 Intro
00:43 Craig Levinson’s family and background
02:34 Moving to the United States at 19
05:13 Playing college basketball and getting injured
08:18 Creating a supplement brand and failing
11:31 Pivoting and finding a way through
13:10 Meeting his faith in the backstage of Ellen DeGeneres show
15:33 Working with A-list clients
17:34 Thee things important for success
20:48 How to find Craig?
21:54 Final words

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