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If you’re wondering how to inspire, educate and influence your kids into

Exercising and living a healthy lifestyle, this is the episode for you! To quote

One of our Spartan UP Guests, Coach Rob Koll, Your actions speak so loud I can’t
Hear a word you’re saying. This quote is perfect for today’s episode!



It’s not just what you say / tell your kids to do, it’s what they see YOU doing.
Exercise in front of your kids regularly throughout the week.
Create a supportive environment at home. I had some Kettlebells, rings and a climbing rope in my garage and my kids saw me exercising regularly.
Get the entire family involved. Do just 1 exercise in front of your kids everyday. It can be 10 squats, 10 burpees, maybe a quick sprint up and down the sidewalk. Let them see YOU being a leader!


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