The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Spartan's "Chief Mind Doc" Dr. L says: Although there might be some individuals who just seem more optimistic or positive, the truth is that we can all learn to practice optimism and weave some of the tenants into our life. The first element that was discussed in the last episode included shifting your perspective that sees things as permanent to seeing things as temporary.

Another way of thinking that can be helpful for you in building optimism is limiting your language and views around things as being pervasive - that if they happen in one arena, they happen in all arenas. If you think of certain events as singular, you can approach each experience with a fresh, new perspective.


Optimism can be learned and if you practice certain elements of optimism routinely, you can weave a more optimistic perspective into your world.

Reminding yourself that painful events and even failures are singular events can help you feel and be more hopeful.

Develop an internal coach that reminds you that not all things are pervasive and that you have agency to see each event as new.


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