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With the holidays around the corner, Dr. L reminds us, the practice of gratitude and the importance of giving thanks becomes a part of the season. Gratitude is important because it allows us to shift into the present and observe what it is in the now that we are grateful for. Maintaining a gratitude practice helps to give us space to experience joy and to reflect on some of the more difficult experiences that also bring us wisdom. Work to weave in your own gratitude practice this season - it doesn’t need to be a 20-minute endeavor. A simple observation of what you are thankful for and how it is impacting you will suffice.

Gratitude allows us to remain present by exercising our ability to be in the here and now.
Remember that we can be thankful for the difficult experiences in our life, not just those that bring us joy. Pulling wisdom and positive impact from failures is just as important.
Identify a person, place, thing, experience, and failure that you are grateful for this season. This will help you move into a gratitude practice.

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