The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

In this episode, marketing pioneer Seth Godin shares his proven strategies for building viral movements and brands. He and the Spartan founder Joe De Sena talk about the power of cultivating small, passionate communities over mass appeal.
Godin draws from his experience helping top brands connect through stories and building a community. He explains how understanding the way ideas spread socially unlocked his viral successes.
Seth points out that the most successful brands are built like "religions" that unite people through shared experiences. He also talks about happiness as a choice and the advantages of the world we live in.
For anyone wanting to inspire a change, this conversation provides valuable lessons on spreading ideas that uplift, becoming a viral phenomenon, and establishing movements that empower lives.

Episode presented by MudGear
00:00 Intro
00:42 The world is not your customer
02:08 Is a small audience enough?
04:31 The secret to becoming viral
08:01 The success of Joe’s New York restaurant
09:10 What would Seth as a head of Spartan?
13:33 How did Seth find his path?
14:25 Being happy is a choice
16:47 Building a brand is building a religion
18:36 The war in Ukraine from a marketing perspective
21:12 How can you find Seth?

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