The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

We are all feeling isolated right now - but that will end. Mark tells Joe De Sena about the tools he used to change his trajectory. As a young boy Mark moved to the U.S. with his family from Egypt and found he was very socially isolated. For the next decade his diet and behaviors fostered an unhealthy lifestyle that fueled his social anxiety. After a certain point he had had enough and did the deep work to  get over what was limiting his life. At only 22 years old he's now sharing what he learned. In his podcast Humans 2.0 and his new book “Screw Being Shy,” he gives us the tips and tricks we need to crawl out of our shell and into a confident social paradigm that fits you.

1. Don’t mind uncertainty
2. Have discipline around technology
3. Surrender your ego
4. Eat healthy it will change your brain
5. Address social anxiety
6. Address the hardware of the body
7. Vocal tonality and body language give off social cues
8. Exposure therapy
9. Tackle life one bit at a time

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Mark Metry

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Time Stamps
0:00 Joe introduces
0:55 Honey Stinger break
1:20 Interview begins
3:00 Manufactured adversity
4:30 Entrepreneurial from a young age
5:30 Engaging a young audience
6:30 Using phone as a coping device
7:15 Forgotten art of boredom
8:15 Flow state mimicked with technology
9:45 Discipline and frameworks around phone etiquette
11:17 Spartan Up! Zoom everyday 2-3pm
12:17 Honey Stinger break
13:13 interview continues with upbringing
14:30 Dealing with health issues
16:00 A decade of social
17:00 Surrendering your ego
18:00 Changing health and diet
19:00 Mental health consequences of processed food
20:00 Food industries marketing ploys
21:20 Addressing social anxiety
23:30 Growing up as group creatures
24:20 Spartan Race creates collective shared experiences
25:30 Advice for social anxiety
27:00 Joe discusses the mind body connection

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