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Doug Lewis, Olympian and former World Cup alpine ski racer, says, “...And they were powder skiing. Like, I had powder skis, but they were poder skiing on race skis, which is a nightmare, on their day off. They are at the Olympics. They have trained 25-30 years for that week, and on a day off, where they could get hurt or whatever, they went powder skiing. And they were whooping and hollering, and they would fall, and we’d spray ‘em. And it was one of the best days ever, and I just think of that, that those guys chose the love of sport over saving their body, taking a day off, or whatever. And all of those are champions.”

Today, Yancy and Jarod talk with Doug about how the love of sport is the foundation of your skills, talents, and overall, how good you are at something. In this episode, you’ll learn:

- The difference between a goal and a dream
- Equipment and knowledge has gotten greater over the years, but the foundation of what makes a good athlete is still the same
- Don’t kill motivation. Building confidence like a muscle
- Find things that push you to new levels as a regular person
- Being able to give someone a breakthrough, which will snowball into success in whatever they choose down the road
- Think, why’d you get into it in the first place? Keep the love alive

Doug Lewis, Olympian and founder of Eliteam, is currently an alpine ski racing broadcast analyst, but he used to be a top competitor in the 1980s.  Doug was on the 1984 and 1988 Olympic Alpine Team, and 2 World Championship Teams in 1985 and 1987. At the 1985 World Championships, Doug won the bronze medal, which was the first ever World Championship medal for an American in downhill. He was the 1986 & 1987 U.S. Nationals National Downhill Champion. Inducted in 2002 VARA Ski Hall of Fame, 2007 US National Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame, and 2019 Vermont Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame.

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