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Highly Competent: know your job, do your job, be quick to develop and eager to assume responsibility. Competence is acquired through training, practice, time under tension, experience - for sure. Let’s just not keep making the same mistakes over and over, being told to do things repeatedly, and be happy with minimum standards.

Low Maintenance: don’t require a lot of special handling or attention. At times, things will come up that need to be handled or addressed in order to not distract us from performing. The key here is frequency. If it is a daily maintenance task to get someone to do their job, then I’m looking for someone with a weekly maintenance cycle. And then, I’m already looking for someone with a monthly cycle, and then a quarterly…

No Drama: we already have enough as it is to get along, understand and appreciate differences, and try to figure out how to lead dozens of different personality/talent patterns. If you like to gossip, invent truth, pass judgment, make gros assumptions too quickly, be over sensitive or take things always personal etc, I’m not convinced you are a good fit to be a part of a great team.

Whatever you expect from others, demand of yourself.

Do your job; well. Be invested in success.
Minimize the special circumstances you need in order to produce.
Don’t create problems. The world has enough already.


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