The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

“The work should not be on the individual to figure out how to be healthy. We should show up for them to show them, in all ways, how to be healthy. Whether it’s movement, whether it’s eating, whether it’s sleeping, whether it’s-- you know, if you’ve got to see a doctor, then why should you have to see four different specialists? And then, have to like, navigate this very difficult system to get all of this coordinated care,” says Marcus Filly, 6x CrossFit Games athlete, expert fitness coach, and founder of Functional Bodybuilding.

Today, with Marcus Filly, we talk about how positively you can impact others lives by helping them in fitness and how getting into coaching helped Marcus personally change his life. In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Dealing with confidence and switching professions
  • Growing as a coach, athlete, and business owner all at once
  • It’s hard to make a living in fitness, so you better love it and have good “Bedside Manner”
  • Re-consider what you think success is, and every day, do something that will help you in the future


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