The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Tyler Jack Harris set an insane goal, to sell almost three times the number of policies a great salesperson would in a year. Then he did it, for three years straight. When 7 miles was the longest distance he had ever run, he took on two ultramarathons in one week. He completed both. He sets audacious goals and achieves them. WHY? Because he said he would. In this interview, he shares his ultimate sales technique ( which happens to be a form of respect) and his goal attacking process. He sets a goal, simplifies his target, creates an action plan, and goes forth full speed, trampling over any excuse to accomplish the task. It’s your choice, he says, honor excuses or honor your word. Be in service to others Spartans & get it done!


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Seek discomfort & the world will deliver pleasure

A safety net is the most dangerous thing you have

You find out what your capable of when there isn't a plan b

It’s your choice to honor excuses or honor your word

To be unbreakable you have to be broken

Your mental capabilities may surpass your physical

Pain is a teacher

Narrow your focus for success

Understand the people you are serving

Set audacious goals & complete them

Make a plan for recovery after accomplishment

Have a team around you

It’s all about offense, defense & strategics

Have an action list


Define & honor your story

Have integrity


Spartan Resilience Academy - SRA



0:00 Joe De Sena Introduces the episode

1:30 Wild Alaskan Company

2:45 Interview with Tyler Jack Harris begins: Seeking discomfort

4:30 Dangers of a safety net

5:40 Eliminating options of success

6:30 Unbreakable leadership

8:00 Uncomfortable with being comfortable

10:00 Exposing kids to adversity

12:00 Pain as a teacher

13:20 Wild Alaskan Company info

15:25 Narrowing your focus

16:30 Understanding the people you are serving

18:15 Setting audacious goals

20:25 Ramifications of self-talk

25:05 Declaring identity

26:00 Planning for recovery

27:00 Having a team & an action plan

28:00 Simplifying & creating an action list

29:00 Get moving & it gets better

32:40 Joe De Sena tells us what he learned from Tyler Jack Harris

34:15 Joe De Sena introduces you to Spartan Resilience Academy

35:20 Wild Alaskan Company


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Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.

Hosts: Joe De Sena.

Sefra Alexandra, Johnny Waite & Colonel Nye are still social distancing :)

Synopsis – Sefra Alexandra | Seed Huntress

Production Assistant - Andrea Hagarty


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