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Experiencing painful emotions is a part of life that we cannot avoid. But we try to through various types of numbing mechanisms. This could be anything from alcohol to drugs to food to over-exercise to gambling to social media. We are pretty proficient as a society in wiggling our way around uncomfortable feelings and moving towards either a numbing position or something more comfortable. But if you are looking to toughen up your mind and improve your performance in life, learning how to manage painful emotions is going to get you much further than numbing.

Painful emotions exist for everyone and working to manage these emotions can build a healthy level of resilience and tolerance skills.
Work on observing the painful emotion, acknowledging that it exists, and then ride the wave, trusting that there will be a peak but there will also be a lull where you can catch your breath.
Remember, you are NOT your emotion. Being angry does not mean you are an angry person. And being sad doesn’t mean you are a depressed person. It just means that you are experiencing those emotions.

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