The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

“Usually, everything that I’ve done, someone’s probably done before me, and I would like to be the person that sets the bar for the next one. I know, every time I put a weight on my back, that somebody has lifted that before. I’m not the first person. And I know that if I set the world record in it, someone’s going to break it. So I better set it high,” says Hunter McIntyre, the Bulk Pony, 6x OCR World Champion, 4x OCR National Champion, Tough Mudder X Undefeated Champion 2017-2018.


Spartan Up Endurance Series host, Johnny Waite, talks with Hunter about how we can do better to continuously push ourselves to the next level, even those who haven’t started yet. In this episode you’ll learn about…


  • Hunter’s toughest racing experience
  • Having the mentality to use the stairs instead of the escalator
  • How to keep your momentum once you get started
  • Always training with people better than yourself
  • Being prepared to get knocked down at any moment

Hunter McIntyre is a professional athlete and fitness trainer who has established himself as a dominant force in the world of obstacle course racing. He was named one of the top 50 fittest athletes by Sports Illustrated and is the undefeated champion of CMT's reality TV show, Broken Skull Ranch.  Hunter was a Defender on CBS's Million Dollar Mile produced by LeBron James and recently broke the Murph Challenge world record and raised over $20,000 for charity along the way.


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