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Patrick was 10 when his family fled Iran as refugees, and now owns one of the biggest privately held insurance companies there is. Patrick Bet-David and Joe De Sena talk today about the value of working hard and making your own way. After a stint in the 101 Airborne, he began his search for the right opportunity. He employed the “Blue Ocean” strategy and created PHP one of the fastest-growing companies in the financial marketplace. He has also become a powerful motivational voice with his Valuetainment YouTube channel taking complex leadership, management, and entrepreneurial ideas and converting them into simple life lessons.

Toward the end of the interview, Bet-David shares his advice for getting through the current economic turmoil.

He gives Joe a preview of the guidance in his upcoming book “Your Next 5 Moves.”


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Don't live as a victim
Plan your next five moves
Identify not just a good idea, but the BEST ideas
Lack of movement creates overthinking


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