The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

“The people who are advanced never don’t do the basics,” says Alex Hormozi, CEO of Gym Launch. Alex talks with SpartanUp DEKA series hosts Jarod Cogswell and Yancy Culp about how gym owners can thrive during the pandemic. In this episode you’ll learn: 


-How to increase client retention

-How to inspire change with a client by using pain, not gain

-The #1 principal for gym owners who want to achieve financial longevity

-How to differentiate your gym 

-How to change your clients’ internal dialogue


Connect with Alex:

-Gym Launch: @GymLaunch, GymLaunch.Com

-Instagram: @hormozi

-Get your free copy of Gym Launch Secrets



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Producer: Ryan Warner

Host: Jarod Cogswell and Yancy Culp

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