The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

How do you go from being the worst kid on the team to a 2018 Olympic silver medalist and two time XGames Gold medalist? Freestyle skier Alex Ferreira tells Joe De Sena and Johnny Waite the secret: unfaltering dedication, relentless training, infinite repetitive practice and truly believing in yourself are the keys!  Alex walks us through how his visualization process, it includes running every turn and every second of his runs 100’s of times through his mind before he even puts his skis on. Alex takes us right to the start of his Olympic run, drops in, and takes us on a mental journey of those glorious Olympic runs. Everyone in the room was on the edge of their seats, we felt as if we were peering through his own goggles. You’ll feel the snow on your own skin!  


A truly humble, extraordinary and eloquent athlete, Alex believes that when you put in every single ounce of energy: love, heart, passion into what you’re doing and don’t leave a single thing on the table... that’s when you can sleep easy at night. Believe in what you are doing and Get It Done! 



  1. Believe in what your doing 
  2. Do the hard work and be positive 
  3. Be humble and when it’s time to compete be ruthless 
  4. Do right by yourself 
  5. Visualize successful outcomes
  6. 100x repetition is key 
  7. Your either ready or your not
  8. Don’t take anything to seriously or personally 
  9. Enjoy every second 
  10. Put EVERYTHING you’ve got into your goal 
  11. Train as if you were an Olympian
  12. Believe in yourself until the end!
  13. You learn more from failure than success 
  14. Once you start winning the politics go away 
  15. Read as much as you can 



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0:00 Joe introduces gold medalist Alex Ferreira 

1:50 Interview begins with Johnny and Alex 

2:30 The journey to become a professional halfpipe skier

4:15 It’s all about hard work and your mentality

5:15 Being humble and being ruthless 

6:15 Practicing: visualization and repetition 100’s of  times

7:45 Perfecting multiple tricks over many years to win the contest 

8:45 The moment at the gate when your either ready or not 

10:20 Eating, sleeping, training: doing everything he can to prepare 

11:11 Taking us step-by-step to the lead up to his Olympic run

13:00 Run one: everything comes down to this moment 

14:45 Run two 

15:55 Run three- flow state 

16:40 Putting it ALL on the table

16:55 break

18:15 Joe jumps into the interview 

19:30 Learning more from failure than success 

21:20 Once you start winning all the politics go away 

23:00 Filling his intellectual capacity 

25:00 Hot & cold therapy 

26:30 Who you are is what you eat 

28:55 Joe debriefs what he learned from Alex


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Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.

Host: Joe De Sena, Dr. Johnny Waite and Sefra Alexandra 

The Colonel is off on a winter expedition 


Synopsis – Sefra Alexandra | Seed Huntress 

Production Assistant - Andrea Hagarty


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