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As a kid did you run around for the fun of it? You were probably stronger than you think. Can you get back in touch with that feeling? Who needs motivation when you are just having a great time? Barefoot Ted was one of the unintentional stars of Christopher Mcdougal's book "Born to Run," and the originator of Luna Sandals.

Spartan Up Endurance Series host, Johnny Waite, talks with Barefoot Ted about how we can get outside and be happy with whatever fitness you choose out there. In this episode you’ll learn about:

The adventure that showed Ted the kind of life he wanted to live
How to get back to the fundamental roots of exercise
Learn to take advantage of your natural tools
Why experimenting is the key to your fitness
Micro-Dosing exercise
The difference between practice & performance

“There's practice, which is much more about just this daily hygienic care of yourself. That should be relatively easy to stay in, because it's self-- it's self satisfying. Performance sometimes takes a kind of discipline, self-discipline, maybe scheduling, some much more analytical and somewhat rigid sort, if you want to get the results that performance will give you. Practice is ultimately leading, its only goal is wellbeing,” says Ted McDonald, aka Barefoot Ted, from “Born to Run” and founder of Luna Sandals.

Ted McDonald is the founder of LUNA Sandals, a character from the book “Born to Run,” primal lifestyle coach, skateboard philosopher, and barefoot running guru.

You can follow him on Instagram: @BAREFOOT_TED
And check out his website: WWW.BAREFOOTTED.COM

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