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Meghan Hicks says “Don’t put on a race or don’t sponsor racers unless you are ready to sponsor women who perform at the same level as their male counterparts.” Hicks tells Spartan Up Podcast Trail Series host Mauri Pagliacci about how gender equality, sustainability and COVID can pose unique challenges trail running.


#1 - Meghan’s race adventures during Covid.  Meghan completed the Nolans 14, a run over the 14 summits over 14,000 ft. in Colorado's Sawatch Range.


#2 - Equality in trail racing.  Meghan talks about the challenges of ensuring male and female racers receive equal pay for equal performances and what we can do to help the cause.


#3 - Sustainability for the natural lands which bears host to trail races.  Meghan shares advice on how trail runners can practice sustainability. 


Background on Meghan Hicks: Meghan has ran over 60 trail races and ultras, and is the managing editor for She’s also the author of Where the Road Ends: A Guide to Trail Running and has set records at the Nolan’s 14 and won stages rages across the globe, such as the Marathon des Sables. If you want to learn more about Meghan, check out her work at IRunFar.Com, as well as her social accounts:

  • Instagram: @meghanmhicks
  • Twitter: @@MeghanHicks



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