The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

“I really look at Leadville as being a reminder of how to live. Conserve, preserve, stay connected, stay happy. Don’t be worn down early on,” says Ted McDonald, aka Barefoot Ted, from “Born to Run” and founder of Luna Sandals.


Spartan Up Endurance Series host, Johnny Waite, talks with Barefoot Ted about fueling our bodies with the right nutrition, tools, and mentality. In this episode you’ll learn about…


  • Experimenting with different foods and finding what works best with your body
  • Staying away from poisoned fuel
  • Strategies to work with your body to find a happy diet
  • Feeling better as you get older using efficiency in endurance, pushing your boundaries, and continuing to have fun!
  • Why Ted started LUNA and how their simplicity adds to the efficiency and experimentation in endurance


Ted McDonald is the founder of LUNA Sandals, a character from the book “Born to Run,” primal lifestyle coach, skateboard philosopher, and barefoot running guru.


You can follow him on Instagram: @BAREFOOT_TED

And check out his website: WWW.BAREFOOTTED.COM


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