The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

From the border of Afghanistan to the border of China, the Running the Roof the crew traversed the Bartang Valley on foot!  This journey took over 20+ months to plan, and is the epitome of delayed gratification. 


Spartan Up Endurance Series host Johnny Waite interviews Jody Bragger, Jodie Gauld and Gabriel Ghiglione, who together, ran across Tajikstan as part of a friendly bet.  The bet started in the dead of winter, where the crew picked a location on a map (blindfolded) and committed to running wherever their finger landed.  The end result was a cross-country adventure that was made into a documentary, Running the Roof.  In this episode you’ll learn: 


-How to break a massive task into micro-projects 

-What role visualization played in the Crew’s preparations

-Why it’s important to be a yes person

-How the Crew used game theory during the planning process

-How the film impacted the Crew’s lives


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