The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

In this fascinating discussion, Dr. Jeff Karp, a top biomedical innovator pulls back the curtain on the difficult journey medical breakthroughs must take to actually help patients. From navigating financial hurdles and clinical trial complexities to manufacturing challenges, hear the surprising barriers promising cures often face on their journey to your local pharmacy.
You'll also get an inside look at how real solutions are being developed. Discover how a nasal spray was created to potentially block COVID transmission and learn about groundbreaking "medical superglue" aiming to revolutionize heart repairs.
If you've ever wondered what really happens after exciting discoveries are made in white coats and petri dishes, don't miss this amazing conversation revealing the untold story of how cutting-edge science becomes accessible healthcare.

00:00 Intro
00:45 Who is Dr. Jeff Karp?
02:30 Complexity of finding and commercializing new solutions
06:42 Dr. Karp’s new book overview
08:30 Indigenous holistic approach to health
09:44 Narrowing of the senses we use to experience the world
11:40 Spartan shield for your nose – Profi Nasal Spray
15:10 Developing glue that can work inside the body

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