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When presented with both positive and negative feedback, why is it that we tend to focus on the negative? Ninety-nine positive comments followed by a single negative one, can lead us feeling determined to zoom in on the one rather than relish in the glory of the ninety-nine. This is called Filtering and it’s a common way of thinking that has the propensity to increase negative thoughts, decrease self-esteem, and exacerbate anxiety or depression. Recognizing when you are engaging in filtering and purposefully paying attention to the positive can help in preventing this mindset trap.

Filtering occurs when we filter out the positive and bring in the negative.
Though some believe that focusing on the negative makes them stronger and better, it actually does the opposite, decreasing self-esteem and increasing negative thinking patterns.
When you catch yourself filtering, make an effort to bring in that which is positive as well. For each negative point that you focus on, try to focus on at least three positive ones.

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