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Feelings can be powerful and even more so when they create discomfort. Anxiety, worry, and concern are three feeling states that can initiate a way of thinking that can very quickly create a barrier to you moving forward with whatever task is at hand. How you feel today is not necessarily a marker of how you will feel in the future but we can sometimes fall into the mind trap of believing this to be true. Think about it, if signing up for a Spartan race induced a tremendous amount of anxiety you may have the tendency to feel into the future and believe that your nerves on race day will be twice as bad. It’s important to remain in the present as much as possible and not make assumptions that how you feel now will be your emotional state moving forward.

Feeling into the Future: When you make the assumption that how you feel now will be the same emotional state in the future.
Feelings are out of your control but how you respond to them very much IS in your control. Try not to let painful feelings be a marker for how capable you are to manage what lays ahead.
Remember, only you have the ability to decide your next best step. Don’t let feelings get in the way of how you want to proceed.

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