The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Kristen Ulmer knows a lot about fear. As one of the top extreme skiers in the world, Kristen has stared at death and dropped in anyway. But she says her scariest time ever was when she thought her marriage was over, and that the prospect of starting a speaking career was as terrifying as any mountain. In this episode, Kristen shares experiences and lessons that appear in her bestselling book “The Art Of Fear : Why Conquering Fear Won’t Work and What To Do About It” and personal stories from her extraordinary life. She also says “Smart people learn from their experience. Really smart people learn from people who have learned from their experience, and I have a LOT of experience!”


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Zoom Session producers – Marion Abrams & Johnny Waite
Hosts: Johnny Waite, Marion Abrams, Sefra Alexandra & Colonel Nye

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