The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

“Looking back, the experience was miserable and that’s because I appended the wrong values to winning and losing,” says Shane Sparks, hall of fame broadcaster and former wrestler.  


Spartan Up Combat Series host, Ryan Warner, talks with Shane about learning to love the process, and the ramifications for putting too much pressure on outcomes.  In this episode you’ll learn,


-What happens when you don’t trust the process and put an over-emphasis on results

-Understand what you can control: Shane use to obsess over outcomes that he had no control over

-The process is everything: If you don’t enjoy the process, you’re overly focused on results

-How to compete freely and without pressure, whether it’s a race, a job, or a workout


About Shane: 

Shane Sparks is a hall of fame broadcaster. He’s appeared on ESPN, Big 10 Network and numerous regional wrestling outlets.  



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