The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

We can only store and attend to so many things at any given time. Our mental energy actually has a limit. Because of this we need to be intentional on where we invest our mental energy and take inventory on what is occupying space in our mind. If we are more curious and intentional around where we are investing mental energy, we can adjust time spent so that very little time gets wasted. A simple exercise of evaluating your seven most filled areas can aid in getting you to where you truly want to be.

Your mental energy is limited to being intentional with where you spend it can help create a more engaging life and leave you feeling more productive.
Try this simple activity to get your mental energy aligned with your intentions:
Make a pie chart and write down the 7 areas that take up most of the space in your head on a daily basis.
Identify what percentage each area takes up. For example, family may take up 10%, while work takes up 40%, and training 15%, and so on.
Ask yourself: Is this where I want it to be?
Finish with: What changes can I make to get it where I want to be?

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