The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

When you leave a high-paying job on Wall Street to fight MMA professionally in Peru. That’s the decision Rollie Peterkin (@rolliepeterkin - Twitter)  made - our guest on today’s episode of Combat on the SpartanUp Podcast - that would forever change his life.  Host Ryan Warner talks with Rollie about:


-Rollie’s college wrestling career at the University of Pennsylvania

-The breaking point that encouragee Rollie to move to Peru, leaving his Wall Street job behind

-How to acclimate to a new environment 

-What routines, tactics and tips helped Rollie embrace a life without the 9-5 routine


To learn more about Rollie,...

-Check out his book “The Cage: Escaping the American Dream” 

-Listen to his podcast, The Divergent Path

-Read Rollie’s blogs


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