The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Should you eat before bed? What’s the best time to train hard? What’s the simplest way to improve sleep? Can respiration rate changes identify COVID 19?

Three pillars: strain, recovery, and sleep are vital to succeeding peak performance says WHOOP founder Will Ahmed. We are all trying to become the healthiest versions of ourselves - yet there are some physiological indicators that can’t necessarily be felt but can be measured. In fact, groundbreaking data from WHOOP tracking enabled a PGA tour pro golfer to identify COVID before he had any known symptoms. Information is power, and in this interview, Ahmed shares data patterns gleaned from hundreds of thousands of users that you can implement today. Should you eat before bed? What’s the best time to train hard? What’s the simplest way to improve sleep?  Will says- measurements can motivate!  


  1. Develop a sense of curiosity
  2. Train optimally 
  3. Use information as a preventative tool 
  4. Strain, recovery & sleep are the three pillars
  5. Routines are key
  6. You can manage things you measure
  7. Measurements can motivate 
  8. Sleep consistency is paramount


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0:45 intro

2:15 Continuous health monitoring 

3:15 training optimally 

4:15 cutting weight properly 

5:15 the flintstone model

6:15 what you can measure & may not feel

7:15 research on covid-19

9:15 monitoring as a preventative tool

10:15 improving sleep

12:45 information as power

14:00 break 

15:00 what metrics they monitor 

16:45 recovery levels 

17:45 Whoop Journal

19:15 building a routine

22:15 measuring can motivate 

23:15 resting is vital in recovery 

25:00 green means go

27:30 Joe’s morning method 

29:00 key tips 

31:30 close


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Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.

Hosts: Joe De Sena 

Sefra Alexandra, Johnny Waite & Colonel Nye send their regards :)  


Production Assistant - Andrea Hagarty


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