The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

Who has created your idea of success? Are you on the path you want should be on? Laura Gassner Otting, author of “Limitless” talks with Joe De Sena about carving your own way and revisiting what it is that ignites your passion. Don't be afraid of change, get comfortable being uncomfortable. Push yourself beyond what you thought was feasible, making the peaks & possibilities of life ahead of you Limitless!

Joe is joined by Marko Cheseto, a Kenyan runner who lost both legs while on a running scholarship in Alaska who now holds the world marathon speed record for a double amputee.


Stay in your center of competence & excellence

Failure is not a finale it’s a fulcrum

Lean out over your comfort zone

You ultimately make you own decisions Confidence to do big things comes from competence

Never settle for mediocrity

Define success for yourself

Consonance: calling, connection, contribution & control Remember that you GET to do this!



Laura & her Book “Limitless:”

SpartanX Leadership


0:00 Joe & guest host Marko Cheseto introduce this episode and SpartanX

1:30 Interview begins at Fenway & Laura’s origins in Miami

3:00 Experiences in Law School leading to the White House

3:45 Working in the Clinton Administration

4:30 Becoming a headhunter & starting her own advisory group

5:55 Growing a business, becoming a professional speaker & author

7:00 Listening for eight motivating factors

8:00 Does success equal happiness?

9:30 Making decisions with the frontal lobe

11:00 Staying in a center of competence & excellence

12:45 Leaning out over your comfort zone

14:00 Pushing yourself to a place you haven’t been before

15:15 Competence & confidence 17:45 Never settle for mediocrity

19:00 Consonance: what is calling you?

21:45 What trajectory do you want?

23:15 Weekly family meeting

25:00 Reaching new heights

26:00 The blur of past & present

28:00 Challenging others to see the best in themselves

31:00 Marko & Joe discuss what they learned from this Limitless interview


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