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Mom would send them off to Kindergarten with a uniquely motivating message: Kick Today’s A**! The DeCCio brothers, Jake, Jim, and Jordan credit her two-part strategy - hard-driving competition and a priority on being nice - with the incredible success they are seeing today with the business they started in their dorm room.As you might guess they are also focused on health. Maybe you saw them pitch Supercoffee, a healthier alternative to many of the sugary options out there, on Shark Tank. Joe De Sena invited them to visit his Vermont farm (the birthplace of the Spartan Races,) run up his mountain, and be on the podcast. What did he want to know? How were the three men raised, and how they run their days today to maintain that level of success and fitness?  


Today’s question - did your parents throw you out the door every morning? How were you raised?



  1. You’re never too young to Kick Today’s A**
  2. Win & Be Nice  
  3. Eat less sugar! 
  4. Don’t be afraid to compete 
  5. Kids can handle more than you think 
  6. Make the leap! 

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