The Hard Way w/ Joe De Sena

“We use a term all the time, ‘balance.’ I don’t like that term. Life isn’t about achieving balance, it’s about integration,” says now Major General and Chief of Chaplains of the United States Army, Chaplain Solhjem.

This week, we have another classic episode with a couple of the highest respected people we’ve had on the podcast. General Stanley McChrystal and BG Chaplain Solhjem tell us how having high expectations for yourself and those around you leads to you being a better performer and all around better person. In this episode you’ll learn…


  • How to recognize and make changes in a bad environment
  • The importance of making your standards and expectations attainable
  • What’s foundational to your life? And what strengthens you?
  • Having the strength to be transparent and recognize where you need help
  • Overcoming adversity by drawing strength from outside yourself

If you want to watch the full episodes,


General Stanley McChrystal | Why Elite Special Forces Succeed -

Tactics for resilience in combat & life from BG Chaplain Solhjem ep. 127 -


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