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Olympian Kyle Dake is living his dream - it's been a long journey but today, August 4th 2021 he's competing on the Olympic stage. We're taking a look back at what brought him here. What made him the competitor he is today? Today we're replaying an interview from 2014 so you can see what drove this Olympian. It's a mix of positivity, focus and drive.

“I don’t think about losing. I think about winning every time I step on the mat. I imagine myself wrestling the greatest wrestler of all time and beating him every single day. That’s just how  I get myself better every single day,” says Kyle Dake, Team USA 74 kg wrestler and 4x NCAA Champion.
Today’s episode is a throwback to an interview that Joe did with Kyle in 2014. Kyle, at this time, was striving to be the greatest. It’s amazing to see how far he has come by living with these expectations and standards he holds for himself. Wednesday, August 4, 2021, is his Olympic debut.
In this episode, you’ll learn…
• The impact Kyle’s parents had on him, and his eventual decision to live by their values on his own
• Taking action to excel and committing to being the best
• No matter what your work or practice, find something to be happy about 
• “You can only lose when you quit.”
• Pushing through what you think are the hardest times so you can keep pushing the “wall” holding you back
Don’t forget to watch Kyle in the 2021 Olympic Games, and keep up with him on social media...
Instagram: kyledake444
Twitter: @kyledake444

Also make sure to check out Joe De Sena’s new book “10 Rules for Mental Toughness for Families”

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